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Technicom provides the latest technological capabilities to meet the increasing need for PCB'A Industry.
In addition to our knowledge of PCB'A, we offer the highest quality products on time with cost reduction and the best customer service possible.
Image Equipment
DVD and Cameras
Cable Communication Equipment
Telephones, FAX Machines, and Interphones.
Audio Equipment
CDs, MDs, and Micro-Stereo Components.
Radio Communication Equipment
Cellular Phones, End Terminal Units, Chargers, and Adapters.
Electric Appliances for Home Use
Microwave Ranges, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Personal Care Goods, Electronic Musical Instruments, Health-Related Goods, Small-Size Appliances, and Electronically Motivated Toys.
Motor Vehicle-Meunted Devices
Automotive Instruments, Display Devices, and Car-Audio Systems.
Office Equipment
Copiers and Voice Recorders.
Power Supply Equipment
Chargers and ignition Systems.
Computer Peripherals
FDDs, HDDs, Printers, Displays, CD-ROMs, Smart Cards, Scanners, and Power Source Units.
Printing Equipment
Digital Printers.

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