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Other Electronic Parts
Technicom has been supplying electronic parts in many kinds of electronic fields and expanding our trading services based on our overseas production. From the moment we receive your purchase order, our customer service will keep you informed from start to finish by tracking production and shipment
Optical Component
- Front Surface Mirror
- Optical Lens
- Optical Prism
- OLPF (Optical Low pass Filter)
- Optical Glass Materials
- CdS Photo-Resistance cell
- Quartz Crystals
Mobile Solution Connector
- Mini RF Connector
- Board to Board
- Battery Connector
- Memory Card Connector
- SIM Card Connector
- IO Connector
- Other OEM/ODM Connector
Mobile solution Cable
- Mini RF Cable
- Charger Cable
- Data Cable
- Other OEM/ODM High Frequency Cable

POF Transmitter/Receiver

POF Cable/Adapter

Flexible Flat Cable





UV Lamp

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