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Heavy Copper

Material FR-4, 4oz
Layer 12
Finish HASL
Application Power Amplifier,Power Supply
Motor Controller, DC/DC Converter
Planar Transformer

Item Specification
A Line Width(Inner Layer) Min.Copper thickness. + 100㎛
Line Width(Outer Layer) Min.Copper thickness' + 100㎛
B Line space(Inner Layer) Min.Copper thickness. + 50㎛
Line space(Outer Layer) Min.Copper thickness. + 50㎛
c Out Layer Copper Thickness Max.4 oz
Inner Layer Copper Thickness Max.12 oz
D Thickness of Dielectric Layer More than 50㎛
E Min Via Hole Min.0.30Φ
F Via Hole Land(Outer / Inner) Min.0.60mm / 0.80mm
G Buried Via Hole Min.0.20Φ
H Buried Via Hole Land Min.0.65mm
  Under Etching Less than 50% of copper Thickness.

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